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We Make Sound Intelligent

using AI in the physical world

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Enterprises today are unaware of the context and triggers impacting human behavior in the physical world.

Vocalytics is the most powerful intelligence platform for brick & mortar enterprise today. We measure and help you improve on-site experiences and the health of your business, identifying critical insights and operational opportunities.

We listen deeply in your environment to improve the health of your property.


Nearly invisible to customers in your existing environment


Enterprise-grade security, anonymization, and automated redaction of sensitive information


Rapid deployment in the cloud, on the edge, or fully on premise


Deep listening and learning platform provides critical insight and valuable data

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Partnering With Success

Vocalytics is proudly trusted by

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Innovation to make Healthcare safer

The Vocalytics platform takes the guessing out of in-person interactions, and turns your front line conversations with patients into data goldmines.

Monitoring patient satisfaction and health triggers, like coughing, we help mitigate risk while maximizing per-patient ROI.

Leading facilities need a trusted platform like Vocalytics for bedside manner, patience reporting, and compliance assurance. Whether you're an assisted living facility, nursing home, rehabilitation facility, or general care provider network, Vocalytics has a solution to improve your operations.

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We are helping to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes in US Air Force VA Hospitals.

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Amplify Smart Building Health, Safety & Security

Intelligent ears for your intelligent eyes. Enhance existing systems with Vocalytics' robust sound intelligence platform. Reduce response time to critical health & safety events faster and more accurately.

Vocalytics Al delivers actionable data relating to the health and safety of your occupants. Whether you're protecting your occupants' health and reopening workplaces safely during a pandemic (such as COVID-19), or need to improve safety and dispatch response times, our platform listens, understands, and reacts to a diverse range of critical sound insights.

Industry-specific solutions to unlock existing assets with sound intelligence across Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare Facilities, Education, Law Enforcement, and others.

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Solutions for in-store Retail experience

Vocalytics solves operational inefficiencies and improves customer experiences, whether it's ensuring proper consultations at a pharmacy, or amplifying customer experience at the point of service.

Vocalytics identifies critical customer satisfaction in the moment, associate engagement throughout transactions, and brand affinity to help retail enterprises thrive.

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Improve satisfaction & service in Hospitality

We understand how frustrating one star reviews, low NPS ratings, and poor survey results can be.

Vocalytics passively collects unbiased information from both sides of every conversation, in the moment, and reports back to your enterprise. Utilize this information to improve service recovery incidents, consistent brand messaging, and new ways to delight guests.

Apply Vocalytics to hotel front desks & concierges, apartment leasing offices, or on-site personal banking locations to help build better relationships with customers.

Privacy Matters

to your business, brand and future


We hear you.

Designed from the ground up and flexible to deploy in your existing environment.

We began this journey realizing how painful service interactions can be without insight into why. Vocalytics is on a mission to improve your enterprise performance, associate engagement, and customer experience - all through the power of voice and sound.

We believe every human interaction can be profoundly better by listening intently.

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With real-time data your enterprise has access to key organic insights and the ability to learn from your existing environment, right now.

In response to COVID-19, we have launched a study to help monitor the spread of influenza-like illnesses.

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