Powerful sound detection, classification, and monitoring

The Future Of
Customer Experience

In today’s world, brick and mortar retail has been forced to innovate faster than ever before.

Vocalytics is the most powerful health, safety, and experience platform for in-store Retail interactions today. Vocalytics AI is designed to be passive, discreet, and rapid to deploy at scale. We deliver cost & time savings with a real-time actionable pulse on customer satisfaction and experience for virtually any brick & mortar retail enterprise.

Physical World First

Built for In-Person Environments

Voice AI Intelligence

Key Words, Phrases, Sentiment

Sound AI Intelligence

Coughing, Decibel Levels, Alarms, etc.

Secure & Private

Encryption, Anonymization, Redaction

Actionable Intervention

In The Moment Intervention Alerts 

Analyze Care Event Trends

Full Circle Critical Care Moments

Real Time Data

Intelligence in Actual Time

Passive & Unobtrusive

Tiny, Discreet, Blends With Environment

Unbiased, Organic Data

No Interaction Required

How Vocalytics Works​

Vocalytics is an AI software that listens to ambient noise, analyzes events & trends, and sends real-time alerts when you need them most.


Setup is as simple as plug and play.

Get started with an easy software & hardware integration. Tell Vocalytics what you want to listen for, and you’re up and running.


Engineered to meet your listening needs.

Analyze the severity & frequency of acoustic biomarkers. Cloud-based APIs enable real-time analysis of collected data and turn dumb noise into intelligent sound.


Real time data working for you.

Utilize the collected voice or sound intelligence data by monitoring insights & trends and  act on in-the-moment intervention alerts.

Privacy Is Always First

Vocalytics only listens for voice and sound profiles.   

We redact all personal identifiable information from everything, either on the device or in the cloud, or both. Our platform is HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA & LGPD compliant.

Sound & Voice Capabilities


Safety & Security

Need a custom sound profile not shown here?

Vocalytics At A Glance

Vocalytics AI provides you a revolutionary experience unlike any other.


Bank grade 256 bit end-to-end


API’s available for existing audio &
video capture infrastructure


Reduce health risks with actionable
data & critical intervention alerts


Rapid to deploy at scale. Easy to
integrate into your existing infrastructure