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Vocalytics For Providers

Improve resource allocation & patient care quality.

Empower Caregivers With Critical Sound Intelligence

Provide actionable intervention for post diagnosis and preventative care.

• Improve satisfaction by driving outcomes.
• Real-time pulse on critical condition management.
• Optimize resource allocation & care delivery.

Advancing Healthcare

Helping people live their healthiest lives by providing them the care they need .


Ambient listening enables early detection & intervention


Reduce health risks with actionable data & critical intervention alerts.


Ready to protect any space as employees return to work & customers return to life.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Long Term Services & Support

Post Diagnostic Monitoring

Complex Care Events


Essential Worker

Clinical Trials

Senior Living Facilities

Privacy First. Always.

Vocalytics only listens for specific sound profiles beyond voice, words, and conversations.

With proprietary redaction of PII, PHI, and PMI, we anonymize and encrypt all data end-to-end.

Vocalytics At A Glance

Vocalytics AI provides you a revolutionary member experience unlike any other.


Bank grade 256 bit
end-to-end encryption


API’s available for existing audio &
video capture infrastructure


Reduce health risks with actionable
data & critical intervention alerts


Rapid to deploy at scale. Easily to
adapt in your existing infrastructure

Streamline your workflow with powerful integrations.

Maximize what you already have. Vocalytics works with any existing connected microphone technology, including security cameras, or leverage Vocalytics Acoustic Sensors.

CCTV Cameras
Smart Speakers
Vocalytics Acoustic Sensor
USB Microphones
Mobile Devices
Custom Acoustic Inputs