We help hospitals increase reimbursements through better patient experience.

Stay connected to your patients using our revolutionary platform for managing noise during hospital stays.

Learn how your hospital can benefit from Vocalytics.

Improve HCAHPS

Faster Recover Times
Improved outcomes
Increase reimbursments

Maximize reimbursements by improving HCAHPS with acoustic ambient intelligence

Noise levels at night consistently drive the lowest satisfaction scores in HCAHPS.

Improve HCAHPS

24/7 Sound Intelligence

Vocalytics, software recognizes sounds, sends real-time alerts directly to your nursing station and allows immediate response.

Rapidly Deploy

Rapidly deploy Voalytics to provide staff a real-time platform to manage noise.

Accurate Classifications

Vocalytics, software has over 500 ambient sound classifications that can reach up to 97%+ accuracy.

Acoustic Ambient Intelligence

Privacy First. Always.

Vocalytics only listens for specific sound profiles beyond voice, words, and conversations.

With proprietary redaction of PII, PHI, and PMI, we anonymize and encrypt all data end-to-end.




Connect your microphones or our acoustic sensors. Deployed on the edge, Vocalytics is easy and flexible to scale as you need.

Rich Data

Vocalytics combines multiple sound profiles and parameters to build intuitive alerts while appending data for re-training.

Robust Analytics

Get as granular as you need. Users can segment by locations, time, decibel level, sound profiles, alerts and more.

Private & Secure

With edge deployments sound data is processed locally. We redact all PII, PHI, & PMI automatically and encrypt all data.

Passive & Proactive

Vocalytics software monitors ambient noise, no interaction is every required, in hospitals rooms to improve patient experience.

Jody Spector
PX Director

It is amazing to see such an out-of-the-box solution to help hospitals understand noise and correlate it to patient experience. I am immensely proud to be on the cutting edge of technology for patient experience, relations and excellence.